LightingEurope calls for UV-C products to be allowed on EU market

LightingEurope fully endorses the recent UV-C safety guidelines published by the Global Lighting Association (GLA)1 and calls on all EU Member States to ensure UV-C products can continue to be placed on the EU market.

Germicidal ultraviolet irradiation is a proven methodology for inactivating viruses on solid surfaces, in water and in air. UV-C technology has found many valuable applications, e.g. in disinfecting hospital rooms, aircrafts and even drinking water. As such it is expected to be a useful tool in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. UV-C is a category of ultraviolet light with wavelengths between 100-280 nanometres and is the most effective
UV light for disinfection.

LightingEurope shares the GLA’s concern at the increase in products, in particular online, with dubious safety features and inadequate safety instructions. While UV-C is helping to contain viruses, if not used properly it can pose risks to human health. The GLA statement provides guidance to manufacturers and to potential users on the requirements UV-C products should satisfy to allow safe use. The responsible use of UV-C technologies, also against viruses, must be continued and expanded. LightingEurope does not support the intention of the Belgian authorities, notified on 15 May 2020, to ban the placing on the market and use of UV-C Lamps in nonhospital settings2 and calls on EU Member States not to follow this example.


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